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Die casting dashboard provides the key to production efficiency and continual improvement

Bühler’s Die Casting Dashboard gives production experts the critical information they need to improve day-to-day operations, whilst Downtime Analysis captures critical data for increasing uptime and profitability.

Driving up operational visibility and performance analysis

The benefits of Industry 4.0 continuous, connected data have long been talked about in diecasting. Now it’s fully operational across Bühler diecasting cells, with the Die Casting Dashboard that shows production activity at a glance, and Downtime Analysis, which helps to identify the causes of production stoppages.

Die Casting Dashboard provides real-time KPI information

The Die Casting Dashboard, available on Bühler Carat, Evolution and Fusion machines with DataNet or DataView control unit, provides an immediate overview of the production status. Simple displays make it easy to keep an eye on production and plan, manage and improve performance based on real data. For example, key performance indicators like the cycle time of each diecasting machine are displayed in a logical way, making it easy to monitor and review performance, and anticipate issues. The Die Casting Dashboard also enables the comparison across diecasting machines and plants, so production staff can quickly see areas for improvement. At the same time, inputs from each machine can be displayed centrally on any device, 24/7.

Accurate Downtime Analysis based on root cause data

Downtime Analysis, a comprehensive failure analysis tool, is also available, providing root cause reporting from each diecasting cell. A few building blocks constitute this tool. At first glance, the cell performance can be interpreted via ‘uptime’ and ‘downtime’. Additionally, the most critical downtime causes are ranked for frequency or duration. Maintenance experts and technologists can then analyse each category of technical issue and define proper counter measures. Regularly using Downtime Analysis can help to effectively increase uptime. Oudi Zhao, product manager Bühler Die Casting says: “Data visualisations provide instant information that’s easy to understand. Web-based visualisations enable operators and managers to drill down into the detail at any point.”

Bühler Insights brings it all together

All the data points feed into the central Bühler Insights system, an ISO 27001 certified platform, securely hosted by Bühler Group. As well as helping customers make smarter decisions, this new capability can also lead to a new level of collaboration. Oudi Zhao, explains: “We live in a world relying on interactions and co-operation and few challenges can be conquered alone. Using these connected services, we can solve problems with remote support and define a proper improvement plan, with our customers.”

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