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Ferro-Alloys and Other Metals

Your invaluable Metal Price guide to the market as quoted to the publisher on the 20th March 2023.

Ferro Silicon
(per 1,000kilos) 75% loose in bulk (Mt) £2,070.00; 75% drums on pallets (Mt) £2,150.00; 75% bulk bags on pallets (Mt) £2,100.00 - Tennant Metallurgical Group Ltd

Ferro Silicon Briquettes
Gross 1.2kg, containing 1kg available Si, £1.95 per briquette (462 briquettes per pallet) - ASMET

Ferro Molybdenum
Carbon free £65.00 to £66.00 per kg Mo contained - William Rowland

Ferro Vanadium
50/80% or 70/80%, £33.00 to £34.00 per kgV - William Rowland

Ferro Titanium
67/72% content, £7.50 to £8.00 per kgTi - William Rowland

Ferro Niobium
70%, £38.00 to £40.00 per kg Nb contained - William Rowland

Ferro Tungsten
£34.00 to £36.00 per kgW - William Rowland

Ferro Chromium High Carbon
£1,600.00 to £1,800.00 per tonne - William Rowland

Ferro Phosphorus
£800.00 to £850.00 per tonne - William Rowland

Electrolytic Manganese
99.9% minimum, £2,900.00 to £3,000.00 per tonne. 99.7% minimum, £3,300.00 to £3,400.00 per tonne - William Rowland

Metallic Chromium
99% minimum Cr, £9,000.00 to £9,300.00 per tonne. 99.5% minimum Cr, £12,800.00 to £13,200.00 per tonne - William Rowland 

Ferro Manganese
(standard) 78%, £1,500.00 to £1,600.00 per tonne - William Rowland

Ferro Manganese Briquettes
Gross 1.80kg containing 1kg available Mn, £1.76 per briquette (960 briquettes per pallet) - ASMET

Pig Iron
Basic, £750.00 to £800.00. Hematite, £830.00 to £880.00. Nodular, £800.00 to £850.00 - Picart & Beer SA

Non-Ferrous Metals

Aluminium Alloys
LM2 £2,600.00; LM4 £2,700.00; LM6 £3,150.00; LM24 £2,500.00 LM25 £3,050.00; LM27 £2,690.00 - Coleshill Aluminium Ltd

Lead Refined Pig
Cash: US$2,066.50 to US$2,067.50; Three Months: US$2,068.00 to US$2,069.00 - LME

Cash, Grade A, US$8,768.00; Three Months: US$8,789.00 - Reazn UK Ltd

Cash: US$22,738.00; Three Months: US$22,945.00

Cash: US$22,900.00; Three Months: US$22,915.00  - Reazn UK Ltd

Cash: US$2,937.00; Three Months: US$2,921.50 - Reazn UK Ltd


Other Metals

Magnesium Ingots
(10 tonne lots delivered) £4.500.00 to £5,000.00 per tonne - William Rowland

99.65% min £11,500.00 to £12,000.00 per tonne - William Rowland

Foundry Trade Journal accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the prices quoted here, which are published on an advisory basis only. In the current volatile state of the market it is advised to check prices on a regular basis and to note that these 'guideline' prices were quoted to the publisher on 20th March 2023, unless otherwise stated, and will be printed in the April/May issue of Foundry Trade Journal.