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Ultra large diecasting machine

An important step for YIZUMI into the era of ultra large integrated structural diecastings

Recently, YIZUMI signed up to a strategic co-operation agreement for the LEAP series 9000T ultra large diecasting machine with FAW Foundry (the foundry of FAW, one of the largest automotive OEM’s in China). With a new record in the worldwide ultra large diecasting machines, the LEAP 9000T reaches up to 100,000kN of locking force. The YIZUMI LEAP 9000T features state-of-the-art technologies, such as the real-time closed-loop injection system and the intuitive ORCA control system. The company says the excellent performance and wide applications of LEAP 9000T perfectly meet the strict production and quality requirements for ultra large structural castings in the new energy vehicle industry.

Focusing on industry trends striving to provide its customers with the best ultra large machine solutions.

In recent years, NEVs and ‘ultra large structural diecasting’ have remained a hot industry topic. Body in white designs based on ultra large structural castings allow a reduction in downstream costs in car assembly by integrating dozens of components that previously had to be joined in various processes. Reduced assembly cost and faster car production times by using diecasting technology lead to increased investments in ultra large diecasting cells by OEMs and Tier 1 casting suppliers. However, the production of these ultra large castings requires a high level of tooling designs, excellent casting process know-how as well as high performing diecasting machines such as the YIZUMI LEAP 9000. The 9000T LEAP series diecasting machine ordered by FAW Foundry is tailor-made for the NEVs large rear chassis part. Its length is about 1850mm, which is the largest known integrated ultra large diecasting part in the market. After the remarkable technical breakthrough of the LEAP series, YIZUMI continues to expand the machine tonnage in the direction of ultra large diecasting machines. The newly launched LEAP6000T-9000T ultra large diecasting machine program this year can fulfill the needs and promote the application of integrated diecasting parts.

Breaking the boundaries by continuing to provide customers with the best cost casting solutions with leading technology.

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the 5G industry, the demand for ultra large diecastings increases day by day. YIZUMI continues to develop new products, technologies, and processes with the aim of improving integrated solutions for large diecasting structural parts with complex structures and thin walls. In the second half of this year, the 9000T ultra large LEAP series diecasting machine will enter the final assembly and commissioning stage. Meanwhile, the YIZUMI mega factory for ultra large diecasting machines will be completed, which can fulfill the production of diecasting machines with up to 200,000kN clamping force. It is capable to manufacture up to 100 heavy duty and ultra large diecasting machines each year to meet the needs of global YIZUMI customers.

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