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YIZUMI LEAP Technology for China ChangAn Automobile Group

ChangAn Automobile has chosen YIZUMI Ultra Large Machines for their manufacturing of ultra-large integrated structural casting components. After FAW, ChangAn is the second major automotive OEM in China relying on YIZUMI for their entrance into the full aluminum body-in-white production. 

Major customers choose YIZUMI diecasting solutions based on the company’s LEAP technology along with the casting support services provided. The YIZUMI LEAP series ultra-large diecasting machines have been developed to provide state-of-the-art technology to customers including the highest casting precision, cutting-edge injection capacity along with top-of-the-line process repeatability as well as low energy consumption. The YIZUMI LEAP is uniquely suited to meet strict production and quality requirements of ultra-large structural diecasting parts.

A breakthrough system

The self-developed Yi-Cast injection system represents a breakthrough for YIZUMI diecasting by achieving world-class injection performance on precision and process repeatability. Yi-Cast’s real-time-closed-loop injection technology ensures the highest quality casting performance from shot to shot over the entire production volume.

The highly intuitive ORCA control system offers advanced control technology, and its smart algorithms ensure first-rate casting capabilities. Up to 100 relevant process parameters are monitored and allow easy integration into a digitised manufacturing execution system (MES) for efficient product traceability as well as quality management.

Innovative and energy-saving

An innovative and energy-saving hydraulic drive group combined with the new, durable and efficient YIZUMI die closing system, the LEAP machine provides its users with a platform to achieve the highest overall-equipment-effectiveness (OEE).

The state-of-the-art LEAP series diecasting machine technology is the result of YIZUMI’s development strategy which is based on close co-operation between its international R&D teams. The team develops and integrates advanced technologies from China and Europe for the benefit of YIZUMI’s customers. The LEAP technology meets the highest requirements for casting performance in the fast-growing diecasting industry. 

YIZUMI dedicates significant resources to providing solutions to the diecasting industry in the technology of large integrated structural castings for the body in white productions. In close co-operation with its customers, YIZUMI develops suitable solutions with the aim of cost reductions through component integration while focusing on maintaining the OEEs needed to be competitive in the casting process. This approach seems especially successful for applications in the field of new energy vehicle production.

In a statement the company said: “YIZUMI is proud to be entrusted with developing ultra-large integrated casting solutions for OEMs such as ChangAn Auto and FAW. We are committed to providing global customers with excellent, highly productive solutions and services.”

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